Destination: You is a program that focuses on social-emotional learning. Social and emotional learning is an integral part of education and development. It is the process through which people acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to develop healthy identities. This includes managing emotions, achieving personal and collective goals, feeling and showing empathy, maintaining healthy relationships, making responsible decisions and most importantly, building their confidence so they can be true to their authentic selves.

Our leaders are experienced in guiding youth through their personal development journeys. Destination: You uses a mixture of games, activities and discussions to teach our 5 pillars. This includes things like mindfulness, journaling, meditation, yoga, art, healthy cooking and of course - tons of fun games! We offer a range of programs to fit your needs. No matter what your interests or level of experience, our programs offer something for everyone at any age. 


The 5 Pillars

Destination: you

Destination: You

An accumulation of each prior topic. You will combine what you’ve learned to visualize who you want to become and make a plan to get there.

Physical & Mental Health

Physical & Mental Health

A huge part of becoming your best self is taking care of the body that carries you through this life. You will learn techniques and skills that will help you take care of who you already are so you can become your best.



As we become aware of our thoughts, feelings and actions, we begin to recognize the power we have over them. You will learn that you are in control and have the ability to choose how you think, feel and act.

Safe Community

Safe Community

In order to be vulnerable enough to be your true self, you need to be surrounded by people that support your growth. You will learn the fundamentals of building a safe community.

growth mindset

Growth Mindset

Our brains are malleable and ever changing. When our thoughts are continuously repeated, we are able to change our brains. You will learn the power of positive thinking and how merely changing your thoughts can change your life.








Taking Risks





Destination: You is a program that inspires people of all ages to make positive changes in their lives; changes that will help them grow to be confident and fulfilled.  The program will guide them on a journey to embrace who they are, to recognize their true potential and become the best version of themselves.



To create a world wide phenomenon where people learn to exude a happiness and confidence that will transform their life and positively influence the lives of others around them.

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