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Destination: You workshops focus on building social emotional learning of individual students which will in turn lead to a stronger, healthier school community.

We offer 5 days of intensive workshops with a focus on social emotional learning. Each day will have a specific theme that students will learn through engaging games, activities and discussions. We want to work with your school to make this the most impactful experience possible. We will ask for your objectives, and hopes and dreams for your students and adjust our program accordingly. 

Day 1: Safe Community (Teamwork, trust, communication, empathy)

Day 2: Growth Mindset (Recognize and manage emotions)

Day 3: Physical and Mental Health (Healthy habits, positive environment, physical literacy, mental wellness)

Day 4: Awareness of thought, feeling and action (Positive self talk, self esteem)

Day 5: Destination: You (Goal setting and visualization) 


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