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Updated: May 26, 2020

I started this painting when a friend of mine asked on her Instagram story what she should draw. I suggested she draw a door. It seemed like something simple at first but I started to visualize how grand the door could look. I decided I would draw my own. I lightly drew in pencil so I could erase away my mistakes and draw new ideas as they came to me. I remember being at a cafe with my friends downtown, trying to decide on how to adorn my door. I looked up at the ceiling and was inspired by the beautifully intricate tiles looking down at me. I sketched in the outlines to the front panel as I imagined how it would look and feel if it were carved into a deep red coloured wood.

The more I drew, the more ideas flooded into my mind and what started as something beautiful began to develop a deeper meaning. Visually, I thought it would be aesthetically pleasing to have a wall surrounding the door - old and crumbling in contrast to perfection. As I was building this wall I was thinking about what would be behind it? What would I walk into as I pass through this door. It reminded me of Narnia - what kind of magic could be on the other side?

I was torn, to be honest. I didn’t know if I should draw something magical, something real, an image of what love is, or something totally different. I began to think about where I feel most like myself. Where I feel connected to the universe. Where I learn to take steep paths, make wrong turns, scrape my knee, stumble and climb, climb, climb. Climb to the top that’s never really the top. Because you go back down and then climb, climb, climb, all over again. The mountains are a symbol of strength and power and I feel that energy from them. I feel like I can conquer anything. I can push my body and mind to make it to the top. To make it to success.

During the process of creating this image, I was able to express some of my inner thoughts, fears and desires. Subconsciously, this painting became a metaphor in more ways than I knew. Would I open the door? Am I courageous? What if it’s locked? Am I currently facing an obstacle? How far from the door to the mountains? Am I rushing/worried about time? Who am I with? Am I supported? How did I get there? Where have I come from? Why is the wall crumbling? What walls am I putting up?

So I challenge you to take some time out of your busy day to create - create a place that brings you joy, happiness, a sense of success. A place that makes you feel whole and good. That might look like a painting, a quick sketch, a poem. Write in your journal. Visualize. Heck, it might even going for a walk in your favorite place. If you get a chance, question the place and question yourself. Choose which outlet you will use to be creative and create!

Let us know what your “happy place” looks like and how you chose to create it today!



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