Does Having a Routine Increase Productivity?

Updated: May 26, 2020

Monkey Mind Journal - Tulum, Mexico

As humans we want to achieve so many things.

We know that we need to do certain things to achieve those goals. The problem that I see, is that we just leave our thoughts floating in our minds without doing anything to organize them. We also don’t put in the minimum effort to even question why we have those specific thoughts. Therefore, we can’t focus on our goals and they are harder to achieve.

Sometimes, even if we question our thoughts, we don't get anywhere and at the end, we just feel overwhelmed and we stop questioning ourselves. Basically, we ignore our thoughts and just "go with the flow."

To be honest, I don't like to ignore my thoughts but I can't deny that it is easier to ignore them when we just need two clicks and we find our self scrolling on social media or watching videos jumping from one to another. We even have the audacity to say to others "I don't have time." That was how I felt for so long. I had too many projects, ideas or things that I wanted to do and in the end, I found myself watching Netflix or talking about what I wanted to do instead of doing it. That's why we sometimes feel like we are on track and then suddenly lose focus.

I have being trying routines from different people to increase my productivity. but I just do them for a week and at the end I realized that they don't fit in the type of lifestyle that I have.

One day, I came across Tim Ferris’ routine and I tried it for a week. The results were so satisfying that I want to share it and encourage you to try it at least for one day. If you feel like your day goes better, then why not continue doing it? I want to hear from you if it does or doesn’t work! Let me know!

Here are the routine steps:

This all takes around 45 minutes.

1. Get out of bed within 2 mins of your alarm going off

2. Make your bed immediately

We hear all the time that it’s the first goal you accomplish in the day. But I do it just for the simple fact that when you come back to your room it is satisfying to have a comfortable place to be.

3. Meditate for 10-20 mins

Meditation helps you visualize what's on your mind and make you focus on your body. Headspace is one of my favorite apps for guided meditation. When you finish the basic guided meditation course, that teaches you how to start, you can jump to different courses that they have. I think that is the best app - especially if you don't know anything about meditation.

I will leave you a link below.

4. Take a cold shower

Maybe you don't want a cold shower but let me tell you... the feeling of a cold shower and then a hot tea warming your body with each sip that you take while writing... trust me - it’s one of those sensations you want to feel every day.

5. Drink some green tea

Drinking green tea brings you benefits. I will leave you a link below with 10 health benefits of green tea that are supported by studies.

My favorite two benefits are:

1) Green tea contains less caffeine than coffee, but enough to produce an effect. It also improves brain function.

2) Some controlled trials show that green tea can cause mild reductions in blood sugar levels. It may also lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

You can also use other teas that you like to have variety in your routine.

6. Write in a Monkey Mind Journal (List all the things that are on your mind. It doesn't need to make sense, just CLEAR YOUR MIND.)

Tim Ferris explains it like this: imagine that we have a roommate in our mind who is a bit annoying and is always talking and complaining so we end up losing focus. When we write in the “monkey journal”, we are giving our roommate his own private 2D room. We can leave him and our thoughts there during the day. This allows us to mute him and maintain focus.

7. In a different diary, write 3 things you're grateful for, what would make today great, 3 points daily affirmations and at night recap and write 3 awesome things that happen in your day.

I do step seven and eight in the same journal so at the end of the day I can recap all my affirmations and top 3 things to focus on.

8. Bullet journal - list everything you need to accomplish for the day and mark the top three priorities to focus on.

Then you can proceed with 20-90 minutes of exercise or do it at your desired time that day.

I'm going to leave you with simple version so you can take a screenshot!

1. Wake up within 2 minutes

2. Make your bed

3. Meditate 10-20 minutes

4. Cold shower

5. Green Tea

6. Monkey Mind Journal

7. Gratitude, Affirmation, What would make today great?

8. Bullet Journal

What’s awesome about this routine is that it doesn’t feel like a routine at all because everyday is different. It helps you become aware of your thoughts or ideas, organize them, and focus on accomplishing them.

Remember that “you never lose if you don't give up.” The point is to improve our process. that's the goal, the process.

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Next blog: My experience learning English and French so far and the technique I'm using.

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