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I had my first meeting with a sweet family from Finland last week. 2 sisters will be starting the Mentoring program this weekend I am so excited!

I wanted to make sure that our first meeting was fun and engaging especially since we all usually have the jitters at first. I created a fun way to play an icebreaker BINGO. It was a great way to start conversation, tell fun stories and learn a little bit about each other.

Here is how I did it:

  • Create BINGO cards (below)

  • Upload cards to Jamboard

  • Write down the sentences on paper to pull out of a hat

  • Share the link with mentees via Zoom

I started the call with the girls and their mother all together so they would feel more comfortable and in case of any language barriers, they would have their mom their to help out on the first call. I sent them the link to Jamboard where I already had the BINGO cards set up. Earlier, I wrote down each sentence from the card and ripped them up onto a piece of paper. I would have liked to do it online but it took less time to do it this way! I pulled out a piece of paper and read outload the sentence. If it was true for them, they would mark it off on their board. I liked this idea because it helps them match the oral and written words. Plus they are in control of the mouse so they have autonomy. After each sentence I called out, the girls would share a little bit about how it was or wasn't true. It was great conversation starter.

Here is what our screen look liked in the end:

But this is how I will try it next time!

Create a BINGO card on You can fill in the boxes with whatever you want. It will create a link that you can send to your students and they can each have their own individual card. There is also a randomized word list so you don't have to write down the sentences and rip up papers. What I do really like about using Jamboard is that everyone is looking at the screen at the same time. For English language learners, It's important to see what they are crossing off to make sure they are matching the words to the spelling.

Download these cards or create your own!

Either way, our first meeting was super smooth! I hope you can use these resources for your first mentor matches or with your students

With love,


PS. These programs are not sponsored in anyway, I just personally think they are wonderful!

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