Let Your Mind Run

Updated: May 26, 2020

I was lucky to finish reading this book camping with family at the beautiful Moyie Lake, BC.

I put off writing this post because this book was so powerful to me, I didn’t know if my words would do it justice. I didn’t know if my words would be enough. Poking through that thought was a moment of fear. What should I write about? How will people respond? I noticed that my fear of judgement and failure was blocking me. So here I am pushing through that! How? Well, I’m trying to keep my focused on my WHY. I am writing these posts because these books have helped/are helping me. My hope is that something will resonate with you and we will learn and grow together.

“If you meet fear with courage, you blow past it and enter into the possibility that lay beyond.”

Let’s get onto it then.

My friend Megan recommended the book “Let Your Mind Run” to me. It’s a story about Deena Kastor’s journey to becoming an elite athlete. When Meg told me the story wasn’t purely about training your body to be a runner but it was about training your mind, I couldn’t resist.

“I began moving away from thinking this is as good as I am, a limiting, judgmental perspective that left me powerless, to this is as good as I am today, a statement that allowed for growth and return the power.”

I was hooked in the first few pages. I felt a sense of hope and inspiration while reading this book so strongly that I literally was brought to tears. I could feel the energy, the teamwork and comradery, the joy, the accomplishment she felt. This book is a combination of her courage, fear, failure, success, but most importantly a demonstration of determination, learning new skills to overcome challenges and the incredible power of the mind. It is so rich with learning that I knew if I dogeared it, almost every page would be folded, so I wrote notes at the back and underlined key ideas.

“...I thought about the power of a single positive choice, how it is the first step into the story we want to create, the outcome we desire.”

Included at the back of the book is “The Optimist’s Guide - 7 Mental Habits for Reaching Your Potential and Living a More Positive Life”. It reinforces so many of the principles I try to incorporate into my life and aligns with the pillars we teach at Destination: You.

So go read it and let us know how it impacts you!



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