Octopus Art

Summer holidays are here! Most teachers are running out of the school at full speed, ready for their much needed vacation.

Parents! If you're looking for something to do with your kiddos, here is a fun activity that can be adapted for any age level!


-Paint (acrylic)

-Paint brushes


-Towel (for cleaning/drying brushes)

-Thick paper

-Bubble wrap


-Non-Fiction book about Octopus

We started our class by reading a book on getepic.com to learn some cool facts about octopi and how they work,

Since I teach an ESL class, it was also useful to build the vocabulary too!

We talked about the shape of an octopus' head and how it sits in comparison to its tentacles. Each of the students then chose a photo example from Google to reference. That way they could look at the colours and patterns and decide how to build theirs. For this part we used water colour paint.

Once they drew the outline, they started to paint and add the details. I had already precut the tentacles using bubble wrap so all they had to do was paint (acrylic) them.

Once they were dry, they attached their bubble wrap legs with tape to the back of the head. They loved that the tentacles blew in the wind!

Have fun!!

With Love,


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