Rise and Shine

Updated: May 26, 2020

“Rise and shine. It’s morning time!” squawked the old crow at me every morning, encouraging me to roll out of bed ready to rise and shine. The old crow was my mom (sorry not sorry) and she used to sing to me every morning. (I’m actually chuckling as I write this, picturing my mom’s face as she reads. Ok, maybe it’s more of a laugh than a chuckle.) But really, I hated it.

I bet she hated it more though. I’m sure I grumbled something snotty back to her as I refused to get out of bed. Literally refused. I wouldn’t get out of bed and go to school unless my mom piggy-backed me up the stairs. Every. Single. Day. She’ll tell you the pain in the butt I was when I was little. I went through a pretty crappy phase in my life starting when I was about 7. And by crappy I mean, I was a crappy human being and made my mom’s life really hard. At the time, I of course didn’t pay attention but as an adult I really appreciate how much she STILL loves me after what I put her through. (My chuckled turned to a lump in my throat as I hold back my tears.) Even with all my crappiness, my mom was strong.

“You can choose to have a good day or a bad day” she would say with an attempt to convince me to change my attitude.

I heard her. But I never really listened. I convinced myself that I hated mornings and that was that. Every time I woke up to bright lights and the sounds that seemed to burst my eardrums coming from my mother, I gave myself permission to be grumpy. Read that again. Gave myself permission.

I don’t remember the exact moment that I realized she was right all those years. But my goodness – she.was.right.

Every single morning we have the POWER to choose how our day is going to go. We have the ability to change our day from bad to good with the POWER of our mind. The words we say to ourselves ignite our power. So how did I go from that little girl who refused to get out of bed at all to this woman who gets out of bed willingly (most of the time)?

First - MINDSET.

Choose a positive outlook for your day. That might mean that you’re going to have to rewire your brain. Luckily, that’s super duper easy. All you have to do is repeat a positive mantra to yourself in the morning.

I’m ready for the day.

Today is a new day and my heart is open.

Today is a wonderful day.

Rise and shine. It’s morning time. (ha, ha)

Seriously, there are billions of things you could say to yourself. A quick google search will give you tons of inspiration.

The important thing is to say it as if it’s already affirmed. Skip saying, “I’ll try to be happy.” and instead say “I am happy.” The more you say it, the more you believe it, and you’ll physically change the neurological pathways in your brain. How. Freakin’. Cool.

Second - Open the blinds.

Honestly, I used to feel like a vampire frying in the sun when the curtains opened. Now, I let the light shine and soak its energy as I am waking up.

Sunlight actually lets your body know it’s time to stop producing melatonin (the hormone that makes us feel sleepy) and start releasing cortisol (which energizes your body). The more sunlight also means more serotonin (AKA “the happy hormone”)

If you want to learn more about the affects of morning sunlight head here:


Or here:


Third - Follow a routine.

Francisco has a really good one and it seriously changes the way our day goes.

You can read it here:


I’ve changed the routine slightly so it works for me. I added in yoga before my shower, for example. Feel free to do the same. Friends, this routine is GOLDEN. Last week we struggled to get out of bed in the morning. I realized it was because we were sleeping too long and weren’t following our routine.

Fourth - Sleep for 7 hours and 40 minutes.

Francisco read somewhere that if you sleep for 7 hours and 40 minutes you live longer. For some reason it’s healthier for your body and brain. I don’t know the science behind it. But I do know the math! Imagine, if you normally sleep 8 hours and change to 7 hours and 40 minutes. You’re LIVING 20 minutes more a day. That’s 140 minutes a week. That’s 7,280 minutes a year. 121 Hours. 5 days. 5 FREAKIN’ days MORE OF LIFE a year if you just wake up 20 minutes earlier.

I'm not perfect and I certainly don't always wake up as my best self. But I have found that these things are wicked helpful in starting my day positively. So I encourage you to do it.

Please, friends, do (not try) these 4 things for one week. Just one week and see how your days improve. Good morning and good luck. Love,


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