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Hello fellow teachers!

I hope you're hanging in there wherever you are! I know the struggle is real. I feel you. I get you.

And hopefully, I can help too....

A couple of years ago I took a Leave of Absence with the school division I was working in. When I left my school, I felt like I really needed to do something more for the health and wellness of my students. I always felt like I needed to prioritize social emotional development, and I have finally found a way to do that.

Take a look:

My partner and I created Destination: You where we teach the following 5 pillars through games, activities and discussions:

1. Safe community 2. Growth Mindset 3. Physical and Mental Health 4. Awareness 5. Visualization and Goal setting

It includes topics like mindfulness, meditation, journaling, yoga, healthy cooking, communication, empathy and tons of fun games! We ran some sessions in Mexico and it was a huge success with both parents and students!

Right now, because of the current situation, I transitioned into an Online Youth Mentoring program. I am so excited about it because I think it could make a huge difference in a young person's life to have a trusted adult that is happy to help guide them through their own personal journey. If your school is like my school (or like most of the schools I know), you're short staffed, under-resourced and likely can't get the help all your students need and deserve. Mental health is so incredibly important especially during such a chaotic, disconnected, and even scary period. Kids are going through their regular kid struggles PLUS there is a huge freeking pandemic. Where I worked before, we only had one school therapist once a week for half a day. Although we are fortunate to have that service, it's not always enough. I would like to be able to support more kids in a different way.

Online mentoring gives students another resource. It's convenient and casual with a wider reach and flexible scheduling.

These are some of the topics that might come up in a 1 on 1 mentoring meeting:

  • Homework

  • ​Goal Setting

  • Visualization

  • Managing Stress

  • Relationships

  • Bullying

  • Building Confidence

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Mindset

  • Healthy Lifestyle

*Teachers! Please share this information with your principal, coworkers, parents and students so we can empower our students, our community and our future leaders!!*

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Download the info package on Youth Mentoring here:

Youth Mentoring
Download PDF • 2.24MB

With love,


PS. If you haven't downloaded the FREE Mindfulness colouring sheets, click here!

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