Unfu*k Yourself

Updated: May 26, 2020

So maybe that title is a little harsh - but it get's his point across, right?

"All of the thinking or meditating or planning or anti-anxiety medication in the world isn't going to improve your life if you're not wiling to go out and take action and make changes."

I don't usually set New Years Resolutions. Probably because I see so much criticism toward them and let's be honest - I don't want that criticism directed toward me. What if I fail? What will people say? The whole world seems to joke about January being the busiest month of the year for new gym membership subscriptions and we all laugh come February when everyone has fallen off the wagon. I was afraid I would be one of those ridiculed failures so I avoided setting new years resolutions altogether.

But this year was different. This year I rung in the new year Mexican style and got to experience their... hmm... how do I say this?... *unique* traditions. (Let me know in the comments if you'd like to hear about New Years in Mexico - it's super fun!) One part of the process - yes, it is a process - is to set 12 goals, or desires and eat 12 grapes. I took this seriously and had all my goals written out prior to devouring those grapes in the first minute of the new year. One of them was to read 12 books. I figured if I tried hard (and I mean really hard), I could average one book a month. I don't know about all of you - but I have never read anything other than a picture book in one month so this is going to be a challenge. I lost whatever love I had for reading in school. University was textbook after textbook and I didn't want to read anything more in my spare time. It wasn't until recently that I started enjoying books again and even still, I'm a really slow reader. So I was super excited when I flipped open to the first page and noticed the narrow text and double spaced lines. SCORE! This book was a total confidence boost.

... And not just because I finished it in only a few sittings; it's designed to give you a confidence boost. Let's get into it:

Unfu*k Yourself - Get out of your head and into your life

by Gary John Bishop

What I love about this book is that each chapter begins with a personal assertion that we need to act on in order to gain back control of our lives. They are more than daily mantras, phrases we can repeat to ourselves while we wait for our mind to latch on as we hope for change in our lives.

"I am willing"

"I am wired to win"

"I got this"

"I embrace the uncertainty"

"I am not my thoughts; I am what I do"

"I am relentless"

"I expect nothing and accept everything"

Embedded in all of these assertions is an action and that's where you come in. Gary (yep, we're on a first name basis) emphasizes the need to put this knowledge into action. Each chapter is filled with real life examples and situations we can all relate to on some level. It's an easy and quick read that can help inspire you to finally make a move and make a change in your life.

"It's this simple: in order to improve your internal world, you have to start by taking action in the external world. Get out of your mind, and get out INTO YOUR LIFE."

Why read this book?

If you read a lot of personal development books, this is probably quite basic in comparison but check out these reasons I recommend it:

  • It's easy to read. Not only is it quick, he speaks in simple language that we can all relate to.

  • You can feel his energy as you read his words, firing you up.

  • It's not a "fluffly" feel good kind of book - he gets straight to the point.

  • Gary references quotes throughout the book to strengthen his arguments.

  • Why the hell not? If you don't learn anything new, at least you'll reaffirm what you already did. Maybe he will be the one to make something finally click.

"Our biggest successes are born out of discomfort, uncertainty and risk."

If reading more is one of your New Years Resolutions, or even if it's not, go snuggle up with a good book and start to change your life.

Let me know what you think of this book, the author, or any other recommendations you have!



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