School Workshops

Destination: You workshops focus on building social emotional learning of individual students which will in turn lead to a stronger, healthier school community.

Your students will:

  • Manage emotions

  • Develop confidence

  • Deepen self awareness

  • Increase positivity

  • Manage Stress

  • Succeed Academically

  • Reduce Bullying

  • Resolve conflicts peacefully

  • Set Goals

We offer 5 days of intensive workshops with a focus on social emotional learning. Each day will have a specific theme that students will learn through engaging games, activities and discussions. We want to work with your school to make this the most impactful experience possible. We will ask for your objectives, and hopes and dreams for your students and adjust our program accordingly. 

Day 1: Safe Community (Teamwork, trust, communication, empathy)

Day 2: Growth Mindset (Recognize and manage emotions)

Day 3: Physical and Mental Health (Healthy habits, positive environment, physical literacy, mental wellness)

Day 4: Awareness of thought, feeling and action (Positive self talk, self esteem)

Day 5: Destination: You (Goal setting and visualization) 


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Social Emotional Learning



Identify emotions, recognize strengths and needs, develop a growth mindset

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 Manage emotions, set goals and control impulses



Appreciate diversity, empathy, seeing from other perspectives



Communication, conflict resolution, cooperation



Natural consequences for actions

What They're Saying



We can´t put a price on wellness. 

Ask yourself: What price would you pay to help your students develop their confidence? To deepen their self awareness? To increase their positivity? To improve their outlook on life? To succeed academically? To learn healthy habits that can last through life? 

What price would you pay for your students to be their true and authentic selves? 

You´ll give this opportunity to your students when you sign up for in school workshops.

5 Unique Days

5 Hours of fun

Flexible Schedules

Prices may vary depending on school needs, locations, and schedule.


Please contact us for a cost analysis!


What is the best method of payment?

We accept E-transfer, cheque or cash. A 30% deposit must be paid at the time of registrations. The rest of the payments is due on Day 1.

How long are the workshops?

The workshops are 5 hours per day during 5 days. This includes breaks and lunch time as well.

How many students can attend the workshops?

For the moment, workshops are offered to groups of 30 students. These will be the same 30 students throughout the duration of the 5 days. They will become the ambassadors for your school!

Which students are chosen for the workshops?

Any student is welcome as social emotion learning is important for anyone at any time! We suggest the students who show a lot of interest join. You may choose students who you think might need more development in this area. You may also choose students who you can see becoming a great leader and positively influencing those around them.

Are parents involved?

Students will be given at home activities to try with their families. Parents will be highly encouraged to attend the final celebration in which students will present about their learnings.

What spaces must be provided by the school?

Most of our activites are designed to be outdoors. This means that students need to dress for the weather. In case of severe weather, we will require the use of the gymnasium. It will also be necessary to access a kitchen, cafeteria or Foods room where we can prepare healthy snacks together.

What materials do the students need to have?

Materials will be provided for all students. They must bring a lunch, water bottle and weather appropriate clothing. More information will be given depending on location and season.

How do I maintain this in my school once Destination You has left?

Teachers will be given resources to use in their classrooms. A professional development workshop can also be provided to teachers for an additional cost.

What age is this best for?

It is important for every age and grade level! (See below for more)

Do I sign up my entire class?

At DY, we like to have a variety of ages work together. This allows students to learn from and teach students older or younger than them. It is also important to build a stronger sense of community. Groups will consists of students from... Age 7 to 10 Age 11 to 14 Age 15 to 18 Activities, games and discussions will be adjusted according to their age.

Are teachers involved?

To build trust and safety within the community, teachers are asked not to be involved until the final celebration day. Students with 1 on 1 support will be asked to particiapte alongside their educational assistant.

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